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Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC is a private equity family fund with an interest primarily in the small-cap sector. We work as an investor and partner to help leading public companies, private companies and venture capital firms communicate with Wall Street, investors and the media. Drawing on our carefully built relationships with Retail Brokerage Firms, Investment Bankers, Analysts, Fund Managers, and Independent Investors.

Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC takes a unique approach to investor relations by being a shareholder.  Our goal is to enhance shareholder returns by providing innovative public strategies for small to mid-market businesses with significant growth potential. As a shareholder, we strive to actively support the management teams of our portfolio companies and will take an active role in the businesses when necessary.


Atlanta Capital Partners, LLC is comprised of senior level professionals who provide lead advisory services to public and private middle-market companies. Our network of professionals specialize in introductions to sources of capital, mergers and acquisitions,  financial and operational restructuring services, and investor relations for public companies. Our contacts in the investor relations business range from retail investors to brokers and fund mangers.


Our professionals have worked with public and private companies, investor groups and institutional investors. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client's objectives while maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity. We make every effort to treat you, and your employees, the way that we want to be treated. Equally as important, we will not compromise our principles to make a buck. We only work with companies we believe have the potential to show their shareholders a return on their investment.


Our goal is to seek and foster long-term relationships with our clients. To accomplish this, we combine the depth of our experience with the innovation and aggressiveness necessary to create proactive solutions for complex business problems. After the initial transaction is successfully completed, our goal is to become a long term trusted advisor to our clients.